10° Semilampo Giovanile “Memorial Lucas Luizaga”

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Tournament information and details

Added by: Circolo Scacchistico Excelsior
Tournament name: 10° Semilampo Giovanile “Memorial Lucas Luizaga”
Place: Bergamo
Province: BG
Region: Lombardia
Begin: 09/02/2014
End: 09/02/2014
Venue address: Via Borgo Santa Caterina 16 Bergamo (Bg)
Chief arbiter: AR Pierluigi Biava
Close registration on: 08/02/2014 at 22:00
Time control: 30'
Number of rounds: 5
Organizer: Circolo Scacchistico Excelsior
Tel: 3927955286 (segr. tel.) 3409295129 (Giovanni Sala)
Fax: Not provided
Email: info@excelsior-scacchi.it
Website: www.excelsior-scacchi.it