14.Open Primavera

Robecchetto con Induno - 06/04/2017, 18/05/2017

Tournament information and details

Added by: Graziano Ottolini
Tournament name: 14.Open Primavera
Place: Robecchetto con Induno
Province: MI
Region: Lombardia
Begin: 06/04/2017
End: 18/05/2017
Venue address: Palazzo Fagnani Arese in piazza Libertà
Chief arbiter: AN Graziano Ottolini
Close registration on: 05/04/2017 at 03:50
Time control: 75'+30"
Number of rounds: 7
Organizer: CS Cavalli&Segugi ASD
Tel: Not provided
Fax: Not provided
Email: info@cavalliesegugi.com
Website: http://www.cavalliesegugi.com