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Tournament information and details

Added by: adriano castellano
Tournament name: 2°_Rapid_Letimbro
Place: savona
Province: SV
Region: Liguria
Begin: 02/04/2016
End: 02/04/2016
Venue address: Unione Sportiva " Letimbro" Via Vittime di Brescia 20 - 17100 Savona Tel. 019.801920
Chief arbiter: Paolo Prigione
Close registration on: 02/04/2016 at 15:20
Time control: 15 minuti
Number of rounds: 6
Organizer: Società Scacchistica Savonese
Tel: 0199253549 - 3779870630
Fax: Not provided
Email: adr.cast@outlook.it
Website: scacchisavona.altervista.org