19° Semilampo Giovanile "Memorial Lucas Luizaga"

Tournament information and details

Added by: Circolo Scacchistico Excelsior
Tournament name: 19° Semilampo Giovanile "Memorial Lucas Luizaga"
Place: Bergamo
Province: BG
Region: Lombardia
Begin: 12/02/2017
End: 12/02/2017
Venue address: Via Borgo Santa Caterina 16
Chief arbiter: AR Mario Rancati
Close registration on: 11/02/2017 at 22:00
Time control: 30'
Number of rounds: 5
Organizer: Circolo Scacchistico Excelsior
Tel: 340.6432195 (Salvatore Ventura)
Fax: Not provided
Email: info@excelsior-scacchi.it
Website: www.excelsior-scacchi.it