What is VeSuS

VeSuS (Vega Subscriptions System) is a free web portal for chess tournaments registrations management, wholly planned and developed by the Italian National Arbiter Santino Puleio. The original idea was born from the meeting between the author (Puleio) and Luigi Forlano, arbiter and developer of VEGA, the most popular software in Italy for chess tournaments management.
This portal besides to be the first CMS (content management system) in the world for dynamic chess tournaments registrations management, is also the only system which have integrated functionalities on a tournament management software: VEGA indeed can automatically interact with VeSuS.

The project is especially oriented to organizers, arbiters and players. Organizers and arbiters can register to use the advanced features and add new tournaments; the players will view the available tournaments registering to play; the arbiter, at least, will automatically import the registered players list on VEGA and publish the results.

Main features and functionalities, divided by area of competence:

  1. Organizers and/or arbiters:
    1. Tournament adding with basics details (Time control, number of rounds, regulation, organizer contacts etc.);
    2. Interactive collecting of the registered players list;
    3. Management of new memberships/players card requests (currently only for the Italian Chess Federation players);
    4. Full management (by adding, editing and deleting) of registered players;
    5. Players contacts collection (at player’s discretion) for any communication about the tournaments.
    6. Availability of a free service for manage your tournaments from player registration to full results publication (very helpful if you don’t have your own website, or if you haven’t the tools for the tournament’s results publication).
  2. Players:
    1. Consultation of a wide number of tournaments available;
    2. On-line registration, with the possibility to request a membership/player card to the organizer;
    3. View of the registered players list always updated in real time;
    4. Advanced searches on the available tournaments database;
    5. View of the tournaments results: pairs, standings, table scores, rating variations, statistics etc. (the update frequency is at the arbiter discretion);
    6. Players searches on the Italian and FIDE rating lists.
  3. Arbiters (simplified features integrated with VEGA):
    1. Automatic import of all the registered players, even including the not rated players;
    2. Player’s data always updated basing on the last rating lists released by FIDE and FSI (Italian Chess Federation);
    3. Publication of the tournament’s results even partially, so you can publish the results round by round.

Concluding VeSuS is able to help the organizer/arbiter in the sevarl stages of a chess tournament through a professional interface.
To discover even more all the organizers and arbiters are invited to register for free and read the documentation of use.